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Answers to Wyse 55 terminal FAQs, frequently asked questions on wy-55
Wyse 55 Terminals

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Wyse 55 Terminal FAQ

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Wyse 55 Terminal Frequently Asked Questions

Q: WY-55 Terminal Firmware ID Procedures

A: The revision of firmware installed on your terminal can be determined by accessing SETUP on the terminal.

    1. Enter SETUP by pressing SHIFT SETUP, SHIFT SELECT, F3, or if your terminal's personality is PC-Term, CONTROL SETUP or CONTROL SELECT.

    2. The firmware's part number will appear in the upper right hand corner of the terminal's screen. 251352-05 for example indicates revision 1.4-05.

Q: WY-55 Terminal Firmware Installation Procedure

A: Perform the following steps to remove and replace the firmware EPROM. The trap door is located underneath the terminal case at the rear.

    1) Rest the display face down on a padded, non-scratch surface.

    2) Open and lower the EPROM door by pressing the latch.

    3) Use an EPROM extractor (P/N 841158-01) or gently remove the firmware from the socket, taking care not to bend the pins.

    4) Place the updated (new) EPROM over the socket, ensuring that the orientation is correct. ! CAUTION ! The pins on the EPROM are very fragile and bend easily. Be particularly careful with them.

    5) Press the EPROM until it is seated firmly in the socket.

    6) Replace and close the EPROM door.

Before reconnecting the communication cables to the terminal:

    1) Turn on the terminal holding the [G] key down. Continue holding the [G] key until the status line appears at the top of the screen and the cursor appears. Release [G].

    2) Enter SETUP (Shift-Setup or Shift-Select or F3), default the parameters by pressing the [ENTER] key on the numeric keypad. Save the default settings by pressing the [SPACE] key. (The highlighted box on the screen will change from NO to YES.) Press the [F12] key to exit setup.

    3) Re-Enter SETUP to make any changes to the terminal's configuration that may be required. Be sure to save the changes, if any, before exiting setup.

Q: WY55 Reset Procedures

A: The following instructions will reset the terminal back to manufacuring state. This procedure should be used when the terminal is returned from a service repair, after installing new firmware, or when the terminal has displayed a RAM error message in the lower right hand corner of the screen.


    1. Turn the terminal off. 2. Remove the communication and printer cables from the terminal. The only cables attached to the terminal should be the power and keyboard cables. 3. Press the "g" key down as you power the terminal on, and continue to hold the "g" key down until you hear continuous beeps, see the cursor, or see the status line display at the top of the screen. 4. Enter setup using the SHIFT SETUP, SHIFT SELECT, F3, or if the terminal is in PC-Term mode, CONTROL SETUP, or CONTROL SELECT 5. Press the ENTER key on the numeric pad (to default the setup parameters). 6. Press the SPACE bar to change the highlighted box to YES. 7. Press the F12 key to save the default settings. 8. Re-enter setup and configure the terminal to your system and application requirements.

Q: Parallel Printing: Double Space Problem

A: Print out is double spaced, but is single spaced on WY150. A low signal on pin 14 of the parallel port forces the print to do a line feed when it receives a carriage return. The WY55ES sets pin 14 low at startup, which forces the printer to double space the print out. The WY55ES is the only terminal that is setup this way. Disconnect pin 14 on the printer cable fixes the double spacing issue.

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