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Wyse Winterm 8230LE

Wyse Technology
Wyse Winterm 8230LE
 Wyse Technology
Mfg Part#(s): 901997-01
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Product Documentation
Brochure for the Wyse Winterm 8230LE
  • Product Information for the Wyse Winterm 8230LE
Brief Description of the Wyse Winterm 8230LEIncludes: Winterm 8230LE Device, Keyboard & Mouse
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Winterm 8230LE cost effective access to non-server based local Windows applications.

The Wyse Winterm 8230LE 64/64 is a flexible terminal for those who need cost effective access to local Windows applications which cannot be server based. Because the Wyse Winterm 8230LE 64/64 is based on the Microsoft® Windows NT® 4.0 Embedded operating system, Windows applications which cannot be server-based can be embedded in the terminal, multimedia applications can be accessed locally, and with Internet Explorer 5.0, there is full local Internet and intranet access with plug-in support.

Features of the Wyse Winterm 8230LE

  • Supports embedding of customer-selected Windows 32-bit applications into terminal
  • Built-in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5
  • Provides easy access to multimedia applications (optional)
  • Supports RDP and ICA protocols, 15 resident terminal emulations optional
  • Small/zero footprint with flexible mounting options
  • Connects to any VESA-standard monitor 10/100 BaseT Fast Ethernet with link lights, two USB ports
  • Do-participant managed with existing Windows NT server policies and tools; Windows NT do security
  • Microsoft Windows NT Embedded OS
  • Benefits of Wyse Winterm 8230LE Thin Client Terminal
  • Delivers the flexibility, power, and performance of Windows
  • Direct web access, local JVM optional
  • High-performance industry-standard OS to access broad range of standard drivers
  • Flexibility to choose optimal protocol
  • Requires little desk spaceto deploy; attach to monitor, under desk, or on wall
  • Fast LAN/WAN connectivity, robust peripheral support
  • "Visit-free" management, upgrades, and configuration from administrator's console
  • Failure-proof solution (key application runs on the server or locally)
  • Assurance of reliability, availability, and performance, from the industry leader

Questions about the Wyse Winterm 8230LE?

We can help. For more information about the Wyse Winterm 8230LE, or any of our products and services, call us at 1.800.457.8499 or email us.

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